Success Stories

Champion Brands Saves Time & Money with All Star

All Star member Champion Brands is a globally recognized industry leader in specialty lubricants for over 60 years.  Champion’s history dates back to 1956 when Ralph Lowe founded Lowe Oil Company.  In 1998, Champion Acquisitions acquired Lowe Oil Company and changed its name to Champion Brands,...

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Lentz Milling Company – A Great Start with All Star

Family owned and operated, Lentz Milling Company in Reading, PA has been serving the bakery industry for over sixty years.  Lentz provides a wide selection of bakery ingredients, frozen baked goods, bread doughs, fillings, and the list continues.  Their customers can choose from several grades of...

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Milkco Inc. – Innovations in Savings

For over 30 years, Milkco Inc. has provided the highest quality products and exceptional customer service, made possible through their continuing innovations. Choosing to ship in corrugated boxes instead of milk crates was the first of many bold decisions that have contributed to their success....

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