Volume Priced Purchasing
Strength in Numbers

With over 275 All Star Association members purchasing together, we achieve big savings.  As an All Star member, you have the opportunity to purchase from over 140 suppliers in over 40 categories which include:

  • Packaging (Resin, Bags, Caps, Cartons, Labels, Stretch & Shrink Film, etc.)
  • Ingredients (Flavorings, Juice Concentrates, Sweeteners, Nuts, Confections, Powders, Vitamins, Drink Bases, Commodities, etc.)
  • Supplies (Cleaning Chemicals, Water Treatment, Lubricants, Lab Supplies, Ink Jet Coding, Office Products, Uniforms)
  • Coolers, Freezers, Milk Dispensers
  • Distribution (Tires, Trucks, Parts, Cars, Vans, Pickups, Pallets, Totes, Crates and Forklifts)
  • Freight/Transportation (Truckload and Less than Truck Load Refrigerated, Dry Box, Frozen and Liquid Food Grade Hauling) 

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